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I I believe that everyone deserves to get the most out of life.  We all experience problems at times and I can work with you to navigate and make sense of these difficult times.  Coming to see a counsellor does not mean that there is anything wrong with you and clients come for a variety of reasons.  The sooner emotional difficulties or life problems are addressed, the better.  It's important to nurture your own emotional wellbeing and coming for therapy can play a big part in this.

For most of my working life I worked as a registered general nurse.  I often found that my patients would talk to me about things that were worrying them and and I felt privileged to be able to listen and support them.   To me the contact with patients was the best part of the job.  As a counsellor I am now able to give my undivided attention to my clients,(not something that was easily done in nursing!). I listen to what my clients are struggling with and together we work on the best way forward.

I qualified as an Integrative Counsellor in 2015 and have an interest in working with those who have experienced trauma.  I am also interested in how our life experiences, particularly in early life, can shape how we now react in the present day.  I have been trained in more than one type of counselling which means I can tailor my approach to suit each individual client.  It is not a case of "one size fits all as after all no two people are the same.  This way of working means that I can use a mix of different approaches to best suit each individual client.

I use Mindfulness and relaxation techniques as well as the Rewind Technique which is a powerful tool that helps people heal from all kinds of trauma and phobias.  

I currently work in my own private practice and am employed as a counsellor by a local charity.


2015 Diploma in Integrative Counselling

Vital Connexions Edinburgh

Registered General Nurse 1988

Ayrshire & Arran College of Nursing

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